With over 20 years' of experience, our Air Conditioning & installation experts are able to provide full HVAC and custom ventilation design, working thoughout KZN and the surrounding aread.

Our core belife is that trade related expertise's, great customer service, & quick turnaround time on service delivery, is vital for continued business growth - At Alive Air, we are committed to this operationg rythym


To be rocignised as a "good ethics" employer & service provider by increasing the 'lifestyle cpacity' of our staff and securing the trust of our clients


  • Communicate our business culture and ethics across the business
  • To sigifcantly multiply our turnover by 2025 for the purpose of business expansion, which will have the ripple effect of Job Creation & Economic Inclusion
  • Alive Air (PTY) Ltd is a Level 1 B – BEEE Company We specifically work towards maintaining a credible B-BEEE scoring through our hiring and procurement


    Productive Staff

    Word from our Director

    Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, dedicated to providing top-quality air conditioning services. With years of experience, they are equipped to handle any challenge and ensure your comfort. Trust us to provide you with the best solutions for your home or business.

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    Tevin Anderson

    Managing Director

    Everyone wants a good future of fame, fortune & abundance. Most young people dream of heading a great business empire & relishing all the gains that come with it. We see owners of corporate empires, living their best lives every day. But the starting point of such an empire isn’t the day it firmly establishes its market position. In my case, it was a day 20 years ago when a young man said “I want more for my family, I need to make bigger sacrifices so that I can create a legacy that succeeds generations after me.” This Young Man was my Dad William Anderson. I watched him push himself beyond physical capacity with the sole intention of building a legacy. Today, 20 years later, I am humbled to succeed my Dad as the Director of Alive Air. Over the years, we have grown from being a small home based operation with just a few private clients, to becoming a team of now 6 people, with a host of clients across KZN. I am Tevin Anderson, The Director of Alive Air and I invite you use our services and experience superior commitment to Service Delivery.

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